Who We Support

The majority of money raised by the Lily Chiquet Strength Foundation will go to the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department at UC Davis Children’s hospital.  This department at UC Davis Children’s Hospital is responsible for all of the fun and educational toys that the children can utilize when they are in the infusion center or in the hospital for longer admissions.  All of the legos, playdoh, coloring books, blocks, paint, and many other prizes for the kids are all only available to them through donations.  We have seen first hand just how important those comforts can be to a child going through treatments at the hospital and we want to make sure all of the children have a chance to be able to enjoy them.

We are also planning to find researches and universities that are at the cutting edge of new pediatric cancer diagnostics and treatment practices in order to hand-deliver funding for their work.  We want to find teams that are striving to find less intense ways of treating childhood cancer than chemotherapy.  Research that will minimize hospital admissions and have the ability to treat cancers without having to completely deplete the child’s blood.  We want to be able to help these researchers in any way that we can so that we can allow children get back to being children quickly.